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  Message from President
Mrs. Sujitraporn Siriwonporn

K.S. Manpower Supply Co.,Ltd was established in 1984. At present, it is one of leading overseas recruitment companies in Thailand. Throughout the past 18 years, K.S. Manpower Supply Co., Ltd. Has operated with honesty and dedication to our customers' requirements.

We are proud that K.S. Manpower Supply  Co., Ltd. Has reputation for quality and sincerity. We have never stop striving to be the best in providing recruitment service abroad. Consequently, they were able to earn income abroad for a better quality of their family living in Thailand.

The experiences of the past 18 years have not made us complacement, and we will continue to enchance our capabilities towards becoming the leader in overseas recruitment business. Moreover, we aim at being a model of professional service and an intergral part of the nation economic development.

In the current society and global technological advancement, coupled with the fact that Thailand' economy has started to recover, K.S. Manpower Supply Co., Ltd. Looks for further development to cope with the new era and all facets of chang in order to become the leader in recruitment business in the coming century.

Khun Sujittraporn
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